Website Compliance Information

On 1st September 2012, new regulations came into force regarding school information on school websites. These are amendments to the School Information (England) Regulations 2008 and apply to maintained schools only.  This legislation has been updated in September 2016.

For the full policy details we recommend you visit:

The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012

The information that schools must supply on their website is listed below.  In order to ensure that Brompton Community Primary School complies with these regulations, each aspect has been hyperlinked to the appropriate area of the website.

  1. Contact details
  2. Admission Arrangements
  3. Link to Ofsted Report
  4. Exam and Assessment Results – Most recent Key Stage 2 results
  5. 16-19 results (not applicable – secondary schools only)
  6. Link to performance tables
  7. School curriculum information for each year group by subject, including phonics/reading schemes and key stage 4 courses/qualifications as appropriate
  8. Behaviour Policy
  9. Complaints Procedure
  10. Pupil Premium
  11. Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch up premium information (not applicable)
  12. PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools
  13. SEND Policy and Information
  14. Governors’ Information and Duties
  15. Charging and Remissions Policy
  16. School’s Values and Ethos
  17. Requests for Paper Copies
  18. Financial Information