Year 3

English – The Green Ship story Map 

As part of our Power of Reading work on The Green Ship by Quentin Blake we have enjoyed a range of activities including a conscience alley to allow the children to explore the thoughts and feelings of characters from the book. We then created a whole class story map using the images from the book. We then added key information from each part of the story to help us when orally re-telling and writing the story. 

Art – Texture and Frottage 

During our Art lessons, we have been investigating different ways of creating texture.  We went on a texture hunt around the school looking out for interesting textures. We then used wax crayons to take rubbings. Once back in the classroom each child used their rubbings to create a prottage  image of their choice using their different rubbings to create texture.  

Science – Animals including humans – Skeleton properties and moving muscles. 

The children are really enjoying our unit of learning about the human body. They have enjoyed finding out about endo and exo skeletons as well as sorting animals into invertebrate and vertebrate. We have measured bones and created our own moving models to show how muscles help us to move.