School Staff

Head Teachers:

Headteacher: Mrs J Byrne

Class Teachers

Foundation Stage 1: Mrs L Bell

Foundation Stage 2: Mrs C Mitchell

Year 1: Mrs T Wright

Year 2: Miss H Moss 

Year 3: Mrs S Hollingsworth

Year 4: Mr G Easby

Year 5: Mr B Nichols 

Year 6: Miss K Archard  

SEND Co-Ordinator

Mrs L Armstrong  (currently on maternity leave)

Miss S Greer  

Teacher PPA Cover

Mr D Sims (Outdoor Learning), Mr C Byrne (PE and History/Geography),

Mr J Lofthouse (PE and Sport) and Mr J Hills (Music) 

Midday Supervisory Assistant:

Miss A Brockhurst 

Teaching Assistants:

Foundation Stage: Miss J Johnston, Mrs S Fawcett 

Year 1: Miss V Brown and Miss B Alderson 

Year 2: Mrs C Norton and Mrs E Bennett 

Year 3: Mrs L Forster and Miss T Pilkington 

Year 4: Mrs L Forbes and Mrs N Hepper

Year 5: Mrs K Love and Mrs J Arkley 

Year 6: Mrs D Lonsdale, Mrs J Walker and Mrs A Massey 

School Administrator: Mrs D Pennett and Mrs A Hodgson 

School Bursar: Mrs N Milton 

Before and After School Club: Mrs A Hodgson and Mrs M Baratky

School Cook: Mrs S Nicks 

Assistant Cook: Mrs H Lavin

Assistant Cook: Mrs R Meinstininkiene 

Caretaker: Ms Brockhurst

School Cleaners: Mrs A Wilson and Ms A Brockhurst