School Staff

Happiness Through Learning

Head Teachers:

Headteacher: Mrs J Byrne
Deputy Headteacher: Mr D Manning

Class Teachers

Foundation Stage1: Mrs L Armstrong
Foundation Stage2: Miss S Greer
Year 1: Miss A Gilbertson/Miss H Moss
Year 2: Miss M Abbs
Year 3: Mr D Macfarlane
Year 4: Miss SJ Craddock
Year 5: Mr D Sims
Year 6: Mr D Manning

Teacher PPA Cover

Mr R Windwood and Mrs L Armstrong

Midday Supervisory Assistants:

  • Mrs N Melville
  • Mrs J Walker
  • Miss R Alderson
  • Miss J Norman
  • Mrs A Cornforth
  • Miss A Wilson

Teaching Assistants:

Foundation Stage: Miss T Chapman, Mrs T Pilkington
Foundation Stage: Mrs S Fawcett, Miss M Wildon
Year 1: Miss H Moss, Miss H Cook, Miss L Wheatley (pm)
Year 2: Mrs E Bennett
Year 3: Miss J Norman, Mrs L Forster
Year 4: Mrs A Massey
Year 5: Miss J Wallace
Year 6: Mrs D Lonsdale

Before and After School Club:

  • Miss R Alderson
  • Miss J Walker

Administrator :  Mrs A Smith
Administrative assistant : Mrs L Wheatley

School Bursar: Mrs A Clarkson

School Cook: Mrs S Nicks
Assistant Cook: Mrs Christon
Assistant Cooks: Ms H Lavin
Caretaker: Mr D Shuttleworth
School Cleaners: Mrs A Wilson and Ms A Brockhurst