Year 2


The children were set the challenge of building the tallest tower they could using paper and tape. Before making a plan, we discussed the properties of paper and skills that would be useful in completing the challenge successfully. The children decided that they were going to need to be good listeners, supportive and considerate to ensure that every one was involved in the task. At the end, each group then reflected on what went well and what they found challenging.

Y2 Fun Run

The children were very excited to attend the Key Stage 1 Fun Run at the secondary school on Wednesday. It really was ‘all about the team’, as the children supported each other and celebrated their success together. All of the children pushed themselves to do their best and were amazing representatives for our school.

Y2 Art

To begin our art unit, the children enjoyed mark making using charcoal. We experimented with a range of marks and then used these to make marks to represent words, such as, tiny, powerful and smooth.