Inspection of Brompton Community Primary School

We are pleased to announce that our Ofsted Inspection report (24th & 25th January 2024) is now live and we can celebrate their findings with you.

 ‘Brompton Community Primary School is a team… all people in the school feel valued and involved!’ Ofsted 2024

Pupils: Pupils have exceptional behaviour and they strive to be the best they can be. They are proud of their achievements. They are kind, thoughtful, articulate and independent thinkers. Pupils enjoy their lessons and are committed to being successful. They make positive and safe choices and feel safe in school. Early years pupils are supported to make the best start in life and pupils with special needs are supported effectively in class. Pupil voice is strong and pupils work together to find solutions.

 Teachers and the Curriculum: Reading is a real strength. The curriculum is engaging and pupils enjoy the experiences. Lessons and enrichment activities are created around working together to get the best outcome for all. Teachers are confident to adjust pace and content to ensure the needs of all pupils are met. Staff feel they are cared for and leaders are approachable. The school culture is understood by staff and they too, feel part of the team.

 School: The school has ‘Legacy’ principles running through every aspect of the school day. There is an evident team culture throughout the school. It has high expectations and aspirations of both staff and pupils. The school has a climate that encourages pupils to take responsibility for themselves and their community. The school is highly inclusive. The Nurture provision helps vulnerable pupils manage the challenges they face with their mental health. The school has a well-structured training programme to ensure staff are highly skilled in Phonics. The school know their pupils well and design the environment and learning to meet individual needs.

 ‘I am delighted that the hard work and dedication of everyone in school has been recognised – staff, Governors and most important of all, the children -because they are at the heart of everything that we do in school and why we continue to strive to be the best that we can be!’

We will continue to put our Legacy principles into practise every day –

‘It is all about the team!’

‘On behalf of the entire governing body I would like to pass on our huge thanks and congratulations to each and every one of you for the excellent Ofsted report.  It was a real pleasure listening to and reading the comments by the inspector, but equally came as no surprise to any of us.  

Your dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism has never been in doubt and I’m pleased to see this has been recognised.  

The school and children you nurture are a real credit to you and reflect you all as a high-performance team. The culture you have all created and developed shines brightly the minute you walk into the school and acts as a beacon for us all.  

On behalf of the governors, children and the Brompton community, a huge thank you and well done.’

Nigel Hebron Chair of Governors