Foundation Stage

Welcome to FSU

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in Foundation Stage Unit. We have welcomed our new Reception and Nursery children and started settling in.

The children have been exploring our indoor and outdoor areas; the mud kitchen, balance bikes and sandpit are very popular.  Inside the children have been using our small world building blocks to build the Abbeys that their houses are named after!

We have been exploring the school grounds and even finding apples and plums to make our own snack.

We have also had our very first outdoor learning session, where we made birdfeeders to help the wildlife around our school.

As well as all this we have started to learn phonics, maths and began exploring our newest topic “Who am I? What will I be?” We have even had a special visit from Squirt (the fire engine). What a busy start to the year!

Online resources to support your child`s learning

We value our home-school partnership and recognise that many parents wish to support and extend their children`s learning at home. We can recommend the following websites:

Maths – Topmarks Search Topmarks has a range of different maths games including counting, sequencing, pattern recognition and lots of other fun games

Teach Your Monster: Free Phonics, Reading and Mathematics Games  This is an excellent site that takes a game playing approach to learning phonics and maths. It adapts to your child`s level allowing them to progress sequentially at their own rate.