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Weekly Reminders

PE Kits suitable for outdoors required on Wednesday and Friday 

Reading –  Regular reading and reading record completes, making comments about what you have read.

Spellings – Weekly investigations into spelling rules. Tested every Monday and given new word lists.

Maths/English/Topic/Science a piece of work based on something we are learning varied subject areas weekly.

Literature Circle– Complete on a weekly rotation Monday and Tuesday and given a week to complete.

Please speak to a member of the Year 4 team if you need support with your homework.

Hello from Mr Macfarlane and everyone in Year 4!

A huge, warm welcome to our class page!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our work and read all about our learning.

18th – 20th June 2018

As part of our current science topic, this week we carried out an investigation into tooth decay. We posed the question ‘Which liquid causes the most tooth decay? To represent teeth we used eggs, as the shell resembles the enamel of a tooth. We compared five different liquids: milk, water, orange juice, coke and vinegar. We put a hard-boiled egg into 100ml of the five different liquids and monitored the changes over three days. We discussed the independent and dependent variables and also looked at which factors were important to keep the same to ensure a fair investigation. After the three days, we concluded that vinegar caused the most tooth decay as it had done the most damage to the shell of the egg. Milk and water had no noticeable effects on the egg shell and therefore we concluded these two liquids caused the least tooth decay. This matched a lot of the predictions we made! We are finally glad to get rid of the eggs as they were beginning to produce an interesting odour, to say the least!

5th June 2018

Today, eight Year 4 pupils travelled to Sessay Cricket Club to take part in the Hambleton round of the national cricket competition ‘The Drax Cup’. The invitation to the competition emphasised the high standard of cricket that would be played on the day, however after learning cricket in our P.E recently, Year 4 were feeling confident! The weather was perfect and after a short warm up, we were ready for our first game! We played our first game against Carlton Minniott Primary School which after some fantastic fielding led to a Brompton victory. Next up we were against local school Sessay. Another fine display with plenty of big hitting from the Brompton batters led to a second victory. Lunchtime was upon us and it was then announced that Brompton were in the final, playing for the gold and silver medal positions against Sutton on the Forest Primary School. The final was a tense affair, Brompton opened bat and managed to rack up plenty of runs. However, we couldn’t quite prevent Sutton scoring high when they were in bat and they edged a narrow victory. The Brompton Year 4 team represented the school in a commendable manner and returned to school proudly bearing their silver medals! #UpTheBrompton

14th May 2018

Today, Year 4 were extremely lucky! We had the pleasure of hosting an author! Stephen Pass, writer of the book ‘Madge the Mermaid’ paid us a visit to share his story with us. Not only did he do that, he also discussed the process of becoming an author with the children. We got to see his original drafts and editing and he also showed us the original drafts of the illustrations. It was amazing to see how his ideas had developed. After this, and a Q and A session with the author, the children were inspired! We have spent the rest of the week analysing and building up to creating our own stories using Stephen’s book as inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing the stories they produce next week!

9th May 2018

On Wednesday, the school had two unique visitors. Miss Moss’ brother took time out of his day to bring in his leopard gecko (Magmar) and bearded dragon (Axel). The children had the opportunity to meet the two animals and find out lots of different information about them, through a question and answer session. Another enriching experience with live animals to add to our science topics.

8th May 2018

On Tuesday, we headed out for our Y4/5 trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Luckily, we were blessed with amazing weather, which was a bonus for an outdoor trip! When we arrived, we went straight to our education session provided by the YWP Staff. This was chosen for its direct links to our latest science topic ‘Animals, Including Humans’. The children were shown a milk snake, a giant snail and a giant cockroach (The reaction to the snake was one for the cameras). The session focused on diet and digestion of the animals and it was interesting to see the differences between animals and humans. The rest of the day involved seeing the wide variety of animals at the park, from wallabies to giraffes. It was a great experience for them to see all the live animals (I think the polar bears were a firm favourite) and learn new information. After a spot of exercise on the adventure playground and a shopping trip to the gift store, it was time to head home with a bus full of weary legs. A great day all round!

30th April 2018

Today we looked at the digestive system. We replicated the process using water to represent saliva, orange juice to represent stomach acid and then fed the broken down mixture through tights (YUCK!). This represented the process of liquid being absorbed through the large intestine. The children enjoyed observing the appearance and feeling the texture of the mixture. After looking at the process of digestion, we worked collaboratively to recreate the digestive system using salt dough. We then pieced it together and identified each part.


25th April 2018

For our outdoor learning today, we had to work together to hunt down different examples of sentences and then decide as a group whether the sentence needed a possessive apostrophe or not. We then discussed each example in turn to make sure we were correct.

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