Welcome to Year One

Happiness Through Learning

Hello from Miss Gilbertson, Miss Moss and all of Year 1!

A huge, warm welcome to our class page!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our work and read all about our learning.


This term the children are learning about Everyday Materials and Seasonal Changes.

So far, the children have been finding out about the different materials. They have been sorting and grouping materials in lots of different ways depending on their properties.

We have enjoyed finding out which materials would have been best for the Jolly Postman new waterproof coat and which materials are most absorbent and wouldn’t work very well for his coat. 

We have been on lots of walks around school to look at the changes that are happening during Autumn. The children have identified lots of different things that have been happening.  They have observed the trees, the weather, clothing we are wearing and day light hours.


We have been looking at simple maps. The children have mapped the journey of the Jolly Postman adding in all of the places he has visited. We then moved on to creating simple birds eye views of our classroom. The children used the duplo to create the classroom and then used their models to help create their own simple maps.

They have enjoyed using Google maps to look around Brompton and Northallerton. Some of the children were even able to direct each other to find their own homes!

We have started to compare Northallerton and Brompton, looking at the differences between a town and a village.


Every week we have two PE sessions. This term the children are working with Ralph working on their hockey skills. So far, they are doing really well and impressing everyone with their ability to control the hockey stick.

They have also been working on skills they need to play invasion games. They have been working on passing, catching and moving into a space. We have been looking at the importance of working as a team and what it means to be part of a team.


Year 1 have really enjoyed exploring the story of the Jolly Postman. They loved discovering all of the different characters and letters that were included within the story. They are all now letter writing experts!

We have now moved onto The Robot and the Bluebird. So far the children are really enjoying the story. We are discovering and exploring a page at a time which is keeping the children engaged and eager to read more.  The children are producing some very thoughtful work.


 In art, we have explored the work of Molly Rausch. She created pieces of art that were used on postage stamps, therefore this linked really well to our English work based on ‘The Jolly Postman’. We recreated some of her art work, experimenting with painting using different tools. We used sticks, pipe cleaners, straws and brushes of different sizes.


More recently, we have created some amazing clay robots. We used a range of materials to add details. Our robots are linked to the story ‘Robot and the Bluebird’, so some of us decided to make sad robots as the robot in the story is broken. We are very proud of these and have displayed them in the classroom.

Weekly Reminders

P.E kits required Monday to Friday as P.E happens at various times in the week. 

Reading – Read your reading book and parents make comments about what your child has read.

Spellings – Practise your spellings throughout the week. A new set of spellings is given out each Friday. When practising your spellings, write them in order and mixed to ensure you know the spelling of the word rather than the order.

KIRFS – (Key Instant Recall Facts) are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the maths work we complete at school. Practise your KIRFS throughout the week.



We are very busy planning exciting activities and learning opportunities – We aim to update  this page in September with our new newsletter, photographs and explanations of what we have been up to in September!

Keep checking our page for updates.

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Many thanks

Miss Gilbertson & Miss Moss