Happiness Through Learning

Bewerley Park 2018


‘Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another’ John Dewey

A busy start to the day was spent organising bedrooms, unpacking suitcases and attempting to make beds! Who would have thought that the biggest challenge of the day would have arrived so early on in our stay?

We split into our groups and set out on our activities: one group headed to Brimham Rocks and scaled the heights of the newly-founded ‘Nathan Rock’ whilst the second half of the group stayed on site and began to explore their surroundings whilst orienteering.

We then went out for a beautiful evening walk from our base to Pateley Bridge. Torches, walking boots and warm clothing was the order of the evening as we embarked upon our 4 mile round trip (with a few stops along the way for a little sugar boost). We thoroughly enjoyed our supper before facing the final challenge of the day – setting the table for breakfast.

Lots of tired children then walked sluggishly back to their dorms where onesies were the order of the day! Bring it on, Bewerley!


‘Leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, creating ownership, accountability and trust’ James Kerr

We woke up to snow falling at Bewerley Park this morning and could not wait for the day ahead. The taste of the bacon, beans and hash brown breakfast was still fresh in the mouth as we were told of our activities for the day: Bushcraft and How Stean Gorge. We were then rushed off to the kit room and told to get ready for the -1 temperatures and even colder water which we would be wading through on our journey along the gorge. Following in the path of the Victorians, we slid and scrambled through the caves before throwing ourselves (literally in some cases) head first into the icy depths!

Upon our return to Base Camp, we warmed up and prepared ourselves for our Bushcraft session – den building, fire starting, marshmallow toasting, pancake tossing and hot chocolate slurping were the activities on offer and were all most welcome after a frosty morning. The boys even had an opportunity to be introduced to Mr Manning’s friend, Henry. And what a good job they did too…

We enjoyed some down time in the common room in the evening before turning in for an early night! It’s amazing what a day out in the fresh air will do to the children. Tonight we sleep, for tomorrow we take to the waves!


‘Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini’ Moari proverb

‘Any success should not be attributed to me alone; it was the work of us all’

Wednesday hit us like a tonne of bricks today! We woke up to temperatures of -3 degrees to be told that, for the second day running, we would be on the water. After unloading the canoes and setting them into the lake, our first task was to break through the ice in order to allow our canoes to run smoothly over the surface. We quickly learnt that, in order to make progress, we had to work as a team. After spinning in circles and completing a scavenger hunt, we returned to the site for a warm lunch of soup, sandwiches and flapjack. The afternoon was spent walking across beautiful landscapes, staring down Hell Hole and taking advantage of all nature had to offer – especially the ice cold drink provided by the numerous icicles on our journey.

Group 2 completed the dreaded ‘Leap of Faith’ where Mrs Chandler showed off her inner daredevil by climbing, steadying and leaping off a platform amongst the clouds. They then spent the afternoon on the water where they again had to break up the ice which had already been broken in the morning – a sure sign that it was much too cold to be anywhere near the water!

The evening ended with a group story – The Tale of the Thirsty Frog – from our resident storyteller, Mrs Chandler (with a little help from the Year 6 girls).

Better get some sleep, we’ve got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!


‘Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory’ Dr Seuss

Our final full day at Bewerley Park was spent climbing high, scrambling around, swinging upside down, getting lost and busting out some shapes on the dancefloor! The groups were up a little later than usual as they had a little lie in after three full days of activities but made it in time for their breakfast and early morning cup of tea. The children attacked the low ropes course in order to work on their teamwork and communication skills, working together to overcome barriers and show leadership by demonstrating how they would tackle a problem. The ‘Leap of Faith’ was the highlight of the morning and pushed the children well into their stretch zone. Lots of encouragement was needed in order for all the children to be extremely proud of how far they climbed (and in some cases, flew).

The afternoon was spent scrambling around Brimham Rocks and pushing ourselves even further – the children returned to camp covered in mud, exhausted and more than a little damp.

Then came the moment which we had all been dreading – packing and further repacking of suitcases!

Showers and gladrags were then donned as we danced the night away with the other schools; Brompton certainly has talent!

It was a fabulous way to end a fabulous week – we can’t wait to share it all with you when we get home.


‘What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others’ Pericles

We have had such an amazing week at Bewerley Park and have all returned different people. We have encouraged others and pushed ourselves. It’s all about the team. We have learnt that the person who shouts the loudest may not always be correct. Keep a blue head. We have lead, not followed.

The Maori have a saying, ‘Te timatanga o te matauranga ko te wehangu, te wahange tuarua ko te whakarongo’. It translates as, ‘The first stage of learning is silence, the second stage is listening’.

We have been in the perfect environment to all grow and learn as individuals and embrace the challenges of this week. We have been united through our shared experiences and adventures.

‘Aim for the highest cloud, so that if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain’.

We have returned stronger, together.

The choir enjoyed a very special afternoon on Wednesday 10th January when they were invited to sing at the Orchards to celebrate a resident’s 100th Birthday! Dorothy and her family were overwhelmed when the choir turned up and sang a variety of songs from the musical ‘Oliver’ and finished with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’. The children got to see Dorothy’s birthday card from the Queen and to chat about her memories from when she was at school. It was a memorable occasion and one that the children and myself will remember for a long time.

‘Build Your Legacy – This Is Your Time’

Never before has an audience wanted more…

Our Christmas production, ‘Oliver’, was a resounding success. It told the story of a young, orphan boy who travelled to London to in search of a better life. The children were extremely well-rehearsed by the evening of the performance and thoroughly enjoyed learning the songs and watching the performance develop from the very first run-through to the polished evening performances. Well done to all children and staff involved!

Christmas Fayre

A huge thank you to everyone who came to support our Christmas Fayre – it was an extremely successful evening which raised a fabulous £1228! This money will be used to support future projects in school.

Gabriel’s Big Break

When they hear that God has a list of very important jobs that need doing, all the angels are keen to be given the responsibility of carrying them out, eager to prove what they’re made of. However, unfortunate mishaps befall the two leading contenders and a young angel, Gabriel, gets his chance to shine. With so much to do to prepare for the arrival of a special baby, can Gabriel pull it off and show himself to be worthy of God’s trust?

Christmas Dinner

We celebrated Christmas by having our annual Christmas Dinner in school. Governors were welcomed to dine with us and were served by our wonderful Year 6 children. The tables were then turned as the staff seated and served all of the children in Year 6!

Bewerley Park 2017


Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, feed for life!

We have arrived! We have had a very busy day today, organising our bedrooms, making our beds (or trying to), exploring the park and learning our routines. It has been quite a long day; after meeting all of the staff and getting our waterproofs, walking boots and wellies, the two groups  went either exploring Brimham Rocks or orienteering around the centre. Following our day’s activities and a lovely home cooked meal, we went on a night walk to Pately Bridge. – We got very wet! We came back to a warm ‘Hot Chocolate’ supper where we reflected on our day. We are looking forward to what tomorrow may bring and promise to be in bed by 10.30.


We laugh in the face of fear!

Wow! What a tiring day we have had. After a scrumptious breakfast, we set of on our adventures! Group 1 and 2 did the same activities today but at different times today, following a ‘windy’ weather forecast. Bush craft saw some excellent shelters being made using nothing but twigs, branches, leaves… and a rope and tarpaulin! We made fire from the twigs we found on the ground and in trees; and drank hot chocolate from the water we boiled. Canoeing followed with some fantastic fun had by all – just look at the pictures!


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Today has been fun-packed and full of adventure. Many of us have overcome our fear of heights and embraced the ‘leap of faith’. It was incredibly windy at the top of the tower, which was wobbling like crazy, just to add to the excitement. We also went on a very long (and tiring walk) along Troller’s Ghyll. Just look at our pictures… we feel tired just looking at them!


“What’s life without adventure?”

Well today was our last full day and the pictures speak for themselves… we have had a blast and we have learnt so much whilst being here. There have been so many good memories made whilst been her and we have challenged ourselves beyond our own beliefs.. We can’t wait to tell you all about our adventures when we get back tomorrow!