Bewerley Park 2023

Bewerley Park 2023

Monday 30th January

‘Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.’

A busy start to the day was spent organising dorms, unpacking suitcases and attempting to make beds! We then wore our extremely fashionable Bewerley Park waterproof gear and went off in search of adventure: canoeing, shelter building and the dreaded ‘Leap of Faith’ were the first activities to push us into our stretch zone!

A hearty evening meal was followed by orienteering and supper!

Tired faces followed and the children were soundly asleep not long after 10 o’clock. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Bewerley Park 2023

Tuesday 31st January

‘Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.’

After a fabulous night sleep (honest), the children spent the day beck scrambling, shelter building and squeezing themselves through some ridiculously tight holes at Brimham Rocks! The conditions did not break our spirits and we conquered everything in our path; even the staff got involved.

More challenges await on Wednesday with further chances to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. We are hoping for an earlier night tonight as children (and staff) are exhausted after the epic dance off! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Bewerley Park 2023

Wednesday 1st February

‘Running water never grows stale, so you just have to keep on flowing.’

Wednesday, as with every year at Bewerley Park, has been a long day! We have been rushed off our feet with the amazing activities on offer today. Brimham Rocks, Leap of Faith and Treasure Quest were on our list of activities today.

The evening finished off with the brand new Blind Line, where the children’s communication skills were tested to their limits!

Lots of tired legs then trudged off to bed with thoughts of our last full day…

Bewerley Park 2023

Thursday 2nd February

‘Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.’

A busy day in the water and up the ghyll was met with enthusiasm and confidence from children who have certainly grown over the past week. To see them throw themselves into adventurous activities has been an absolute pleasure and, although we are all tired (and cold and wet), we simply do not want this week to end.

We decided that the night walk was a step too far and that we would be better off spending time with our friends, filling our faces with the last of our secret stash of sweets and setting the final tables for breakfast tomorrow. 

Tomorrow morning we have the final team-building challenges which will allow us to really show what we have learnt this week!

Bewerley Park 2023

Friday 3rd February

‘Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.’

Our final day began with packing our cases, stripping our beds, breakfast and then we were out in search of adventure.

We spent the morning in our groups completing a range of initiative challenges, solving problems and working together, before competing against one another in a welly wanging contest!

It was a fitting end to the most amazing week – we worked together as a team, sharing successes and talking about the different ways in which we have grown during our time away from home, school and parents.